30 January 2024

Herzig – The next Michelin Star in Vienna?

Discovering a hopefully future MIchelin starred chef in my home town.

Food Places
18 June 2023

Crossing the former iron curtain by bike. Bratislava. Slovakia

A bicycle trip across the former "iron curtain" to Bratislava.

06 June 2023

Dutch Michelin Stars. Amsterdam. Netherlands

Dutch Michelin Stars in a greenhouse and seafood bistro.

10 May 2023

Food trend spotting London. UK.

To spot new culinary trends I regularly enjoy coming back to London.

03 May 2023

Bright Michelin Stars in London. UK.

Two Michlin stars at two restaurants shine bright in London.

Finance Food Lodging
23 April 2023

Capital markets at high altitude. Zürs / Arlberg. Austria.

Great lodging and high finance in Zürs / Arlberg.

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