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Capital markets at high altitude. Zürs / Arlberg. Austria.

my slow Trip Zürserhof Arlberg RBI investor conference title (5 von 1)

Zürs / Lech in the Western Austrian Alps is to Austria what Sankt Moritz is to Switzerland. Posh skiing hot spots with breathtaking mountain scenery. The Zürserhof is one of the leading 5* places to stay in Zürs / Lech.

my slow Trip Zürserhof Arlberg RBI investor conference hotel 2 (5 von 1)

This traditional hotel is nestled into the beautiful mountain scenery, has direct access to the ski slopes and hosts an international guest audience.

The interior has this traditional alpine chique with a lot of woodwork.

A reference to alpine mountain hunting must not be missed.

Rooms are warm and cosy, give the guest a feeling of comfort after an exhausting day at the slopes.

Zürs is the place where Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) holds its traditional, annual Austrian /CEE capital markets conference. This year, more than 100 institutional investors met with the top management of around 70 companies, discussing the state of affairs. The conference is one of the very best for equity investors held in Austria.

A nice slogan for the conference on Austria’s finest chocolate.

Whereas inside the hotel interesting talks were held at the conference, heavy snowfall and blizzards dominated the outdoors.

After the snow clouds have cleared the sky, the stunning winter beauty of the Arlberg mountain scenery became visible.

The snow had the classic early spring texture and sparkle in the bright sunlight.

As a side plot of the conference there was the capital markets day of Zumtobel in Dornbirn. Zumtobel is one of the leading international suppliers of integrated lighting systems (mainly for businesses).

Zumtobel’s showroom at their headquarters – a converted factory plant – is a feast for light enthusiasts and aestheticians. One can see various surprising optical effects.

Zumtobel also cooperates with Light Artists.

On the final evening, the conference was completed with a dinner at the reknowned restaurant “Rote Wand” (“Red Wall”).

This sign speaks for itself. No comment.

Delicious Crêpes Suzette finalizing a fine dinner menu.

All in all, a couple of a few very fine, interesting and memorable days for me in the Westernmost part of Austria.