Finance Food Lodging
23 April 2023

Capital markets at high altitude. Zürs / Arlberg. Austria.

Great lodging and high finance in Zürs / Arlberg.

Finance Places
26 February 2023

A tale of two sportswear champions. Herzogenaurach. Germany

Adidas and PUMA. A fascinating tale of two sportswear giants in small town Germany.

Finance Lodging
16 January 2023

Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. Seefeld. Austria

A retreat in the Tyrolean Alps with one of the best Spas in the whole Alps.

26 June 2022

High Finance. Mannheim. Germany

Once a year there is the largest German speaking event for the money management industriy in Mannheim, Germany.

15 April 2022

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins of Investing.

There is one place for Wiener Schnitzel in its home town in Vienna that is special.

15 March 2022

A tale of two investments.

This is a story about two investments: one great, and one not so good.

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