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Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. Seefeld. Austria

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The Western parts of Austria are world reknown for beautiful mountain ranges and famous ski resorts. One of them lies on a high plateau just a couple of miles West of Innsbruck, the capital city of the province of Tyrol. The place is called Seefeld.

In Seefeld there is a hotel called Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. A huge building in a 1980s design, it is a place of epic proportions.

Nowhere have I seen such a spacious hotel lobby as here except in in Las Vegas or Macau. The open space including the bar area must extend well beyond 10,000 square feet.

My suite comprised an incredible 860 square feet and featured an original wooden seating corner with an attached tiled stove. Authentic, comfortable and cozy.

The hotel hosts one of the largest and most acclaimed Spas in the whole Alps. On 59,000 (!) square feet You can find anything You can think of a Spa can offer.

The indoor part of the swimming pool extends over 450 feet in length, one of the largest I have ever seen in a spa hotel.

Swimming outside is a unique experience. Splashing in the 32 degree hot water while watching the spectacular mountain scenery is unforgettable.

The hotel is surrounded by a picturesque winter wonderland area, both by day…

..and by night. Looks like in a Coke Christmas commercial.

Very romantic late night winter scenery with heavy snowfall.

A bit of Tyrolean folklore on a traditional accordeon  is good for the mood and fires up spirits.

And of course it is not just about leisure and relaxing but also about business. Interalpen Tyrol hosts the annual Fondskonzept Forum, one of Germany’s largest Funds platforms. We from Advisory Invest presented one of our flagship Funds – Managed Profit+. The Balanced Global Fund has an outstanding 15 year long track record.