I love to cook. It gives me a welcome change to manual work from my brain job as an asset manager. I can live my creativity, and I like to enjoy the end product.

My kitchen is full of gadgets, that I “collect” (to my wife’s dissent). I own close to 20 pans and probably more than that number of working knives.

After numerous cooking classes I would like to share with You my “Lukas’ Highlights Menu”.

Let’s start with the salads. Question: can you spot the difference? Answer: this one is from a Three starred Chef (Akelare, San Sebastian, Spain).

And that one is from Lukas’ personal cooking, obviously inspired by the former.

Let’s continue with a spicy Thai glass noodle salad with Black Tiger prawns.

That’s what I would call a proper, rich Miso soup with lots of muschrooms and sea weed.

Typical Austrian plain food: “Sour Sausage” with vinegar, oil and onions.

Over to the main course, first fish & seafood. Red mullet on saffron risotto. That was a really good one from my kitchen. I wonder what a Michelin starred Chef would have said.

Seafood tagliatelle: fresh seafood on perfectly al-dente cooked pasta from Italy. A bit more seafood “content” than in a restaurant.

Now beef: I’m still on the lookout for “The perfect steak”. A few have come close such as this one. Argentina, free range.

Thai red beef curry: one of my absolute favorite ones. I do it with beef fillet of course, which You can hardly get in a restaurant.

An Austrian classic as the veggie option – “Krautfleckerl” (Cabbage Pasta with caramelised onions). I am not a veggie, but this one is truly jummy.

Desserts are my blind spot. That is my wife’s business. I also do not really have a sweet tooth. But I am working on it to become a part time patissier.

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