Dutch Michelin Stars. Amsterdam. Netherlands

Having worked for a Dutch global bank I have learnt to love the great people, tradition – and food of this small country. After a decade of absence I returned to Amsterdam to explore its culinary scene. Come and follow me.

De Kas Restaurant is a very special one Michelin Star eatery. It is located quite centrally in a huge park, in an old greenhouse that has been completely refurbished. It has its own herbal garden…

…as well as green house adjacent to the dining area. Kitchen staff pick greens literally just in time for the service of your meal. There is an organic farm for fresh produce just a couple of miles from the restaurant.

The main dining area is the central hall of the large-dimensioned greenhouse. It gives the guest a very spacious, light and unique feel, that I have never seen before.

An efficient way to provide eating tools for the guest. A quite common way at high end restaurants in Amsterdam as I have learnt.

The first amuse gueule is an avocado creme and dutch herbal butter with a soft texture.

As a second pre-course comes a veggie roll with miso sauce and herbs in oil with radish.

As an oyster lover I obviously had to try dutch ones. Delicious with a touch of nutty flavour.

The 6 course culinary journey starts with almond milk, green peas, garlic and raspberries. A very refreshing combo to begin with.

Next comes tenderly stewed beetroot with blackberry on a vinaigrette with the touch of a lemon note.

The vegetarian trilogy is completed with pak choi, morels, on a bed of hazelnut creme. How fantastic veggie food can be!

Pork back garnished with fresh greens (from the greenhouse next door), slices of beetroot and a terrific reduced jus. A Main course again dominated by fantastic greens from own growing.

Jos Timmer is one the the two co-chefs and founders of De Kas. He is an extremely sympathetic, likeable and open guy. He perfectly fits my imagination of a young, modern Dutch top chef.

The first dessert is a true highlight: A foamy mousse made from goatmilk, accompanied by slices of pears, sour dough chips, crowned by finely grated goat cheese. Normally not a fan of goatmilk, this dish has made me change my mind.

The chain of courses is rounded up by fig leave ice cream with almond cake and strawberries. A highly creative combo made to perfection. My first Michelin Star experience in the Netherlands will stay in my culinary memory for a long time.

On an Amsterdam trip experiencing a proper seafood feast is a must. The small “Bistro De La Mer” in the heart of town near Keizersgracht, decorated with one Michelin Star, is the place for me to try out.

The open plan kitchen is separated from the seating deck by a huge oyster bar. I enjoy watching staff to swiftly open oysters within seconds, a process that takes me minutes with the risk of seriously hurting myself.

Fresh and fleshy Dutch oysters are as authentic a starter for a seafood lunch as can be at a high-end Amsterdam eatery.

After a Dutch shrimp bisque I get charcoal baked makerel with vervene sauce. I especially indulge in the subtle citrus acidity of the sauce.

Eel is one of my absolute favorite fish dishes: here, a smoked eel with glazed asparagus comes on a herb sauce. A fantastic seafood experience.

Finally, a perfectly seared seabass is covered by passion fruit ceviche (wow effect!) embedded in a coconut lemon sauce. With this highlight I finish my great Amsterdam Michelin culinary expedition. Definitely worth exploring further!