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A Michelin Star is born. Apron. Vienna. Austria.

I am in the privileged situation to have eaten at 41 Michelin starred restaurants. However, never have I been to a Michelin restaurant in its first year of having been awarded a star.

So off I went to explore one in my home City, Vienna. Apron is the name, it is run by a young Chef who gained experience in top restaurants in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

What a creative Amuse Bouche: A candle made from butter that once melted you can soak up with fluffy homemade bread.

A crispy, marinated green leave with cheese.

Sweet water mountain shrimp, tarragon, knotroot and kohlrabi. Incredibly tender and sweet.

A ceviche of Hamachi (a Japenese mackerel) with sour asparagus, caviar and pineapple. Very creative.

Black Cod in Ponzi sauce. My absolute favorite: seared to perfection. Incredibly tasty, melting in your mouth.

Jerusalem artichoke & pear.

One of my all time favorites on the meat side: braised veal cheeks in a rich, reduced jus.

Duck breast & leg with cauliflower fungus, turnip and cornelian cherry.

Esmeraldas 42% chocolate with mandarin, “fake” mandarin, frozen mandarin peel and rosemary.

A mousse au chocolat to round up a well balanced menue.

Staff was always very attentive, not too formal, but just the right way.

All in all I have to say it was a great experience and a well deserved Michelin star.