3 Michelin Star dining in New York City. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.

New York City. The Big Apple. Americas secret capital. A melting pot that is hard to grasp. Some people say it is the navel of the world. Certainly for me who has spent his career in finance, NYC is the undisputed center of global finance.

I must have been there a dozen times. I vividly remember my first visit in 1991, when I had an internship at a big bank. It was the end of the tough era of the 70s and 80s, when Rudy Giuliani as Mayer started to clean up the mess. I was still frightened to walk some streets and areas.

New York City has naturally become one of the most interesting places on earth when it comes to food. I guess there is hardly any ethnic food you cannot get in this metropolis. I aimed for the very high end: a Spanish Three Michelin Star chef.

Tucked away in an unpretentious area in midtown Manhattan is the place: Chef’s Table at Brookly Fare. You walk through an upmarket food store, and at the end you enter the Sanctuary. An open kitchen, one long table, and the unique experience to watch a Three Star chef – Cesar Ramirez – at work. I felt at the epicenter of haute cuisine.

A fantastic tuna tatar started off the 13 course menu. Very fatty, which gives it taste and incredible smoothness.

The sea urchin was certainly the highlight of the starters. Melting in the mouth, releasing its juices.

Amazing trout, must have been steamed at very low temperature, still glassy in the inside.

Wild sea bass at its best. Extremely tender, with a rich, creamy sauce, covered with (a lot of) caviar.

A wonderful quail. Juicy, still crispy at the outside, with a wonderful glace, cooked to perfection. Along with it a tasty peas puree.

I am always on the lookout for the perfect piece of beef. This came very, very close. A5 grade Wagyu, perfectly seared.

The best strawberries in my life. Extremely aromatic, they must have just picked them hours before in a natural forest.

I have experienced one of the best haute cuisines in New York City, and probably in the world. I am very grateful for that.