High finance – high life in the Nordics. Copenhagen. Denmark

I have always been a big fan of the Nordics countries. The people, the culture, business attitude – and not least a unique culinary approach fascinate me. An international finance event provided a good opportunity for me to visit Denmark again.

At the Marriott Hotel Copenhagen it is well worth to pay up a little bit for a grand view over the Kobenhavns Havn.

On a hot, late summer day there is a vibrant buzz along the waterfront in the middle of the city with thousands of (mostly young) people enjoying the last sunbeams of the nordic summer.

Citywire’s Global Ideas Retreat featured a dozen of high calibre money managers from around the world. The keynote introduction was held by Nadieh Bremer, a visualization designer.

The CF Tietgens Hus is named after a famous 19th century Danish entrepreneur. He was a prominent Danish industrialist, who founded large corporations in telecommunications, transportation, beverages (Tuborg brewery!), and banking. He founded Banque de Paris, the pre-predecessor bank of today’s french BNP Paribas.

Den Danske Bank is Denmark’s largest multinational banking group with a current stockmarekt capitalisation of close to € 20 billion.

Borsen – the Old Stock Exchange Building – dates back to 1625 and is one of the oldest of its kind in the world.

The Danish Central Bank commands monetary policy on Denmark’s own currency, the Danish Krone.

Moller Maersk is the worlds largest container shipping company, playing an important role in international trade. I am intrigued by how sometimes big global players are located in tiny countries like Denmark.

The landmark Moller Headquarter building on the waterfront with its blue windows gives an impression of ship portholes.

The landing for the Yacht of the Royal Family, where they also welcome honorary guests during state visits.

Danish architecture and design are well reknown. The Dansk Arkitektur Center hosts as the name suggests an exhibition of Danish architecture. The multiple glass facades reflect the water and sky in various ways. The whole complex reminds me of the TETRIS video game.

The National Opera House of Denmark – an architectural landmark at the waterfront – is one of the most modern (and most expensive) opera houses ever built. Think about Syndey.

I am intrigued by the ideas and designs of new concepts of living. Here, former cargo containers as recycled human habitats.

Such a nice play of light and reflection between old and new architecture.

Believe it or not: Copenhill offers rooftop skiing at a power plant.

Nyhavn is the original Old Port. Very touristic, yet still the place where to find good bars and eateries.

Copenhagen has several culinary highlights. This time, due to the tight schedule I had to postpone my “Danish Bucket List” for the next time. Half a lobster, however, can always do.

The three days at the Citywire conference in Copenhagen perfectly reflected my motto – Work hard (here with Swedish Star Investor Niklas Bergman)…

play hard. I had to jump into the refreshing water of the Kobenhavns Havn.

Come and see amazing Copenhagen in the North of Europe.