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Anassa – 6* mediterrenean beach resort. Cyprus

Cyprus, located in the southeastern part of the Mediterrenean, is Europe’s warmest country. It boasts beautiful beaches coupled with Greek hospitality and savoir vivre. What better place where to extend the European summer.

The Anassa resort, situated on the quiet northwestern coast, is alledgedly one of the best beach resorts in the whole Mediterrenean region.

Nestled in dozens of acres of lush vegetation, the entrance of the resort gives the guest already a feeling of diving into a fairy tale.

The rooms offer spectacular views over the coastline – in my case towards the east.

Guest habitats are very spacious and up to a well deserved five star standard.

The infinity pool hosts a proper pool bar including bar stools in the water. Great to have the one or other beer here.

Not just are the views across the resort great, but also the service. It is at a perfect level that I have thus far only experienced in Asia.

Just a few steps down from the resort gardens is a lovely stretch of beach in a cove with great opoortunities to relax and enjoy beach life.

Fascinating to watch the clear azure blue sky as a backdrop against the lush greenery.

A waterworld of pools is certainly not only a kids dream. I also enjoyed splashing in the endless stream of water.

Nice to have a selfie on the balcony.

Unlike our static continental climate in Central Europe, where I come from, here there is a daily spectacle of build-up of amazing cloud formations…

…that look so surreal at times above the endless horizon of the sea.

Renting a propor motorboat offers the opportunity to reach parts of the island only accessible by water such as the…

…one and only “Blue Lagoon”. Unbelievable shades of blue water that I have seen in Europe only in Sardinia so far.

An offroad buggy ride across the rough terrain of the National Park is pure fun. That adventure took all my offroad driving experience though.

There are so many romantic coves with turquoise water running along…

…the several miles long untouched coastline of the National Park.

This sweet little replica of a Greek church with a village square at the resort offers a great opportunity for a…

…nice Cypriotic barbecue with…

…authentic local cypriotic grilled food and above all of course…

…delicious fish and seafood.

In the highly unlikely event of unfriendly weather outside, the Anassa offers a fantastic indoor spa with multiple opportunities. Come and indulge in the many treats of this truly unique resort.