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Time Travel and Fine Dining in Trieste. Italy.

My slow trip _ Harry'*s Piccolo Triest 1

As a highly interested person in history my specific focus is on the Austro Hungarian Empire from 1867 until 1918. During that period Austria had direct access to the Mediterrenean Sea.

There is this picturesque coastline on the North Eastern tip of nowadays Italy, former Austria. You can find a few gorgeous castles on clifftops overlooking the sea.

Then just before the Slovenian border is this beautiful town of Trieste. It holds up until this day an important strategic position through its port – mainly for oil shipments into Europe.

The Old Town has its own Canal Grande in the “Theresian Quarter”, named after Empress Maria Therese of Austria (1740-1780).

At the main Square – Piazza Unita – there is a fantastic 2 Michelin Star eatery. The place is called Harry’s Piccolo.

The Tasting Menu is called “SEA SEA SEA” – and so it was. Incredibly tasty and juicy Ceviche as an Amuse Bouch.

“L’Insalata del Golfo”. Seaweed, mackerel, mullet, mussels, saffron and chilli pepper marinade, celery and cucmber infusion. Very complex.

“Il Risotto” – Risotto cooked in triestin broth, lagoon cockle, sweet garlic, parsley, squid ink, basil. Very creative Risotto.

“L’Ostrica” – crispy oyster, hazelnut, cauliflower, porcino mushrooms, apple balsamic vinegar. I love oysters – but never had one fried before.

Gambero Rosso di Mazara – The best prawns You can get from the west coast of Sicily. They are tasty with some sweetness and literally melt on Your tongue. An incredible experience.

“Il Moro” – a white fish from the sea that is nicknamed the “Wagyu fish of the Sea”. Glacier 51, tarragon, smoked potato, daikon, radish, and ginger.

“L’Anguilla” – Glazed Eel. My absolute favorite. With yellow apple, endive, plums, miso, and mirin. Tasty, juicy, tender. That one I might pick as my Last Meal.

Rounded up by some fantastic Gelato.

What a great composition of sweets to finish off this incredible menu.

After another grand culinary experience a selfie with Matteo Metullio’s Co-Chef. This was probably the best pure seafood menu I’ve ever had. Highly recommendable.