Food Lodging

Three Michelin Stars at Tegernsee. Germany.

Nestled in the Southern Bavarian mountains lies a picturesque small lake called Tegernsee. It is one of the preferred summer retreats of rich and famous Germans.

On the southern shore of the lake there is a terrific 5 star spa retreat named “Seehotel Überfahrt” (Lake Crossing Hotel). It is a true luxury place.

The hotel is home to one of Germany`s great Chef´s: Christian Jürgens operates the Three Michelin Star restaurant “Überfahrt“.

His creativity starts with the Amuse Gueule: a lolly pop from rhubarb.

Then comes a perfectly ball shaped Hokkaido pumpkin. I wonder what happens next?

When opened, there is a creamy pumpkin soup. On it “float” little shells from shallots that contain a drop of pumpkin seed oil. Like vessels on a lake. What a great idea.

The menu starts with a baked apple, covered in leaf gold with a foie gras cream on the side. A perfect combination.

Caviar on top of bone marrow in a bean beef consomme. Very interesting combo.

The following course – titled Ole – has three fantastic seafood components: sole, red gamba, and mussel.

Mr Jürgens´ signature dish: “Golden Eye”. Perfectly cooked egg yolk covered with gold leaf, herb spinach and black truffle.

Challans-Duck: when it was served I was shocked as I don`t enjoy raw dark meat. However, the duck was so tender I could “chew” it with my tongue. My true “wow” moment of the evening.

A piece of artwork from the Patissier: Autumn Leaves with lemon cream cheese and marinated blackberries.

My first sweet Christmas tree ball. Asked what I can eat from it, the answer was “everything except the suspension wire”.

What an extensive choice of delicious cheeses. I enjoyed the various chutneys on the side even more.

Chef Jürgens is a true Master who well deserves his Three Stars. I have highly enjoyed this culinary experience in a very romantic setting.