Porsche Oldtimer museum. Carinthia. Austria

The name Porsche stands all over the world for iconic sports cars made by German engineering. The Porsches and Piechs are Austrian families, that to this date control the Volkswagen group (with its Porsche brand).

Mr Gerhard Porsche is one of the direct descendants of Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the Porsche – Volkswagen group.

In a tiny village called Sankt Salvator in Upper Carinthia (Austria’s southernmost province) he has brought together a superb collection of vintage cars and vintage sports cars in a museum, that is truly a gem and worth visiting.

Join me on a tour of car history.

Replica of “Benz Motorwagen”, 1886, 0.9 HP, the first “car” in the world

Auburn V 12 (USA), 1932, ccm 6500, 160 HP

Lincoln H.C. Saloon, 1930, ccm 6305, 90 HP

BMW 320 Cabriolet, 1938, ccm 1971, 45 HP

Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe, 1951, ccm 3547, 92HP

Classic Jaguar E-Type convertible, 1960s

My ultimate dream vintage car: Chevrolet Corvette C1, 1958, ccm 4637, 235 HP, max speed 230 km/h

What a beautiful design. In good condition, they don’t go under 100,000 $ apiece.

Besides the Corvette this Rolls Royce, 1926, ccm 7668, 72 HP is for me the absolute highlight of the collection

Cadillac 60 Special, 1958, ccm 5982, 310 HP

A classic 1950s US Oldie.

Here they stand: classic vintage Porsche vehicle fleet.

Porsche Speedster T2, 1957, ccm 1582, 60 HP, max speed 160 km/h.

I am an avid VESPA driver. On the upper floor of the museum there is a fine vintage collection of this iconic Italian scooter.

This yellow beauty is a VESPA 180 Rally, 1969.

Above is a VESPA VM2T, 1954, ccm 125. A very early VESPA.

I truly enjoyed the tour through 140 years of car mobility history. The Porsche Oldtimer Museum in Sankt Salvator – with attached 4* Wellness hotel – is definitely worth a trip.