Lodging Places

My magic place by the lake. Altaussee, Austria.

MySlowTrip - Altaussee Panorama See 1

Austria is said to be a beautiful place with breathtaking landscapes. You’ll find amazing mountain ranges, deep blue lakes nestled in between, lush green alpine pastures. Also an astonishing wildlife (eg huge eagles).

And it is true. If and when the weather is fine, the lake district is a fabulous place where to relax and enjoy nature in its purest form.

I found my alpine “Shangri-la” in Altaussee. A small village, completely naturally preserved, with a lake that is my personal magic place in the Alps.

The “Seevilla” right at the shore of the lake is the place where to stay. If it is good for Daniel Craig – he stayed there while shooting Spectre – it is fine for me. Booking a room with sea view is a must.

While strolling along the lake shores one can discover beautiful “beaches” and meditate. That is what a slow trip is like.

Especially at dawn the location of the “Seevilla” takes on an almost mystic feeling.

Nearby the “Toplitzsee”. Got famous for the legacy that the Nazis hid gold and money on its grounds.

There a lots of wonderful mountain hiking routes, such as here at the famous “Loser”. Note that this has a completely different meaning in German: “loser” means loose.

Through the door of this old hut went James Bond in Spectre. I love “authentic” places. And for me as a movie lover and 007 fan this is special to me.

The “Lederhosen” (Leather trousers) are the local, very typical and traditional menswear. You can get even bespoke Lederhosen. Very expensive, but they are said to last a lifetime (assuming your figure does not change).