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Food Shopping. London.

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London – one of my favorite cities. I had the privilege to have lived and worked there for more than three years.

Albeit not as many Michelin Stars as Paris, NYC or Tokyo, London is the place for me (at least in Europe) where to spot the newest culinary trends and do amazing food shopping.

Come and join me on my London food shopping tour.

Tea – as British as it can get. The largest tea store I have ever seen. TWG near Leicester Square.

Hundreds of different blends of tea. Just for Earl Grey – my favorite – nearly a dozen flavours.

Proper Five o’clock Tea equipment. Tea “bags” plated with Sterling silver.

The ethnic food variety in London is immense. There must be food available from every country in the world.

As a Japanese culinary freak, the choice in the Japan Centre was overhelming for me.

It can get more exotic than you imagine. Think of an Algerian coffee store.

Here is my luxury menue suggestion: Start with some caviar, which can go up to several thousand dollars per pound.

As a main course treat yourself with a proper steak: Kobe Wagyu Fillet A5 grade, 1,000.- US Dollars per kilo.

The only appropriate wine pairing for this steak is a 2012 Romanee Conti, Monople. 33,000.- US Dollars a bottle, seen at Harrods. See my post on “The most expensive wine in the world”.

To round up the menu, get some delicious Glace Fruits from Fortnum & Mason. That menu should do until your Five o’clock Tea.

Borough Market (London Bridge). One of my favorite food markets in the world. Fantastic choice of any kind of food shops…

…but also (entertaining) street food.

I am a meat and specifically beef lover. This age drying chamber is paradise for me.

As a big fan of the Asian culinary world, curries are one of the seven world wonders of food for me. That’s also how my own cooking started.

This is as close to a mediterrenaen seafood market as it can get. The hand dived scallops from Orkney for 7 US Dollars a piece caught my eye.

That’s how a well arranged supermarket rack should look like. Be it the fruit department at Whole Foods market, Fulham Broadway. or…

…the Biscuit shelves at Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly.

What a great mission statement from a chef. No comment – just read it. True for many things in life?

Is this the future of (urban) farming? Pick Your own veggies and herbs at the supermarket. As fresh as can be. We will see.