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Fine Dining. Munich. Germany

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There is an annual Investment conference in Munich organised by Baader Bank, where the top management of listed companies present their equity stories to professional investors. I try to attend every year.

It is always held in September during the Oktoberfest. In 2021, the event was smaller due to COVID, there was no Oktoberfest, and so I went on a foodie tour and found quite a gem…

…”Mural” is located in MUCA – The Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art. It is a hip and cool place. It holds one Michelin Star.

The Menu starts with Oxtail and Bavarian Shrimp.

I can’t reconcile what was wrapped in this leave. I can just remember it was delicious.

Local sweet water fish with beetroot.

Super tender veal in kohlrabi foam.

Alpine caviar (presumably from a local sweet water fish) with Courgette.

Köfte – sort of a lamb Kebap in the form of a Burger.

Huchen – Danube Salmon – with veal cheeks. Interesting combination. Looks like a still life.

Lemon melissa with sour cream.

A potpourri of raspberries with white chocolate.

I have been to Munich so often and have always enjoyed the rich, Bavarian cuisine. This time I indulged in Fine Dining and was surprised by the finesse and equally by the extraordinary setting of the venue, that you would normally expect in London or New York City.