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2* Michelin cooking class. Vienna. Austria.

My slow trip _ Cooking Class two michelin star chef silvio nickol entrance (5 von 1)

The “Palais Coburg” is a fantastic gem of neo-classicistic architecture in the very heart of Vienna that dates back nearly 200 years. In the 1990s the orginial aristocratic dynasty lost the Palais.

It was completely refurbished by an Austrian Tycoon, and today is a luxury hotel where amongst other gatherings the US Iranian Nuclear negotiations took place. It also hosts one of Austria’s finest dining spots.

Silvio Nickol is a highly sympathetic, straight German guy, who has gained two Michelin Stars with the restaurant of his name.

He gives small-group mostly fully booked cooking classes. I have done many cooking courses, but this was one of the most inspiring for me, as You can 1) see a Michelin starred Chef close-up at his work and 2) ask him so many questions about what You always wanted to know about cooking.

One of the “goodies” of his course is that You actually participate in a working 2* kitchen. That means in the background You can already watch the Comis making meticulous preparations for the dinner seating.

That’s how to cook venison fillet at its highest level: provided of course You have the best “raw material”, season it all around with a very sophisticated home made rub. Then sear it at high heat for about 30 seconds each side in a pan and put it into an oven at 100 Centigrade for about 10 minutes. See the result below.

Sauces are what always since I have started cooking fascinated me most. Silvio has confirmed that the “Sauciere” is the most sophisticated station in a high level kitchen. He showed us the different stages of sauces and their respective textures – from fund to jus to demi glace to glace. For me that’s the ultimate art of cooking.

And that’s how our 3 course menu turned out: starter: softly steamed cod with beans, mint and veloute. Perfectly glazed fish on the inside.

My slow trip _ Cooking Class two michelin star chef silvio nickol venison (5 von 1)

Followd by venison fillet (see above) with cabbage and fermented garlic. Certainly the most wonderful, tender and juicy venison I’ve ever had.

My slow trip _ Cooking Class two michelin star chef silvio nickol dessert (5 von 1)

Rounded up by Chocolate with sea buckthorn, avocado and rose pepper. What a great 3 couse menu guided by a 2 Michelin Star chef.

My slow trip _ Cooking Class two michelin star chef silvio nickol selfie (5 von 1)

All in all, the class with Silvio was a highly educational, interesting, and very enjoyable saturday afternoon experience. If You are in or close to Vienna, I would very much recommend to join one of his classes. I certainly will do again.